JavaScript Formatter / JavaScript Serializer

This JavaScript Formatter online API, Compresses or DeCompresses a JS string/file with no possible side-effect.

JavaScript Formatter
  • Online JS Formatter, aligns and formats all JS code to standard code format.
  • JavaScript Formatter can be used for UnMinify and format an existing minified or unformatted JS string/file into a standard JavaScript code.
  • Formatted JS result can be copied to clipboard and even it can be downloaded as a file.

JavaScript Minifier
  • This Online Minify JS / JS Minifier / JS Compressor is free API to Minify/Compress JS string/file with very Simple, Quick and Fast.
  • JS Minify online or JS Minifier online, removes useless white spaces, indentation characters and line breaks
  • Removes the last semi-colon and extra semi-colons of a JavaScript code declaration
  • Removes empty JS declarations, unused strips and all comments

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